Here are Some Tips and Tricks for Making Your PUBG PC Gameplay Easier

If you have just discovered PlayerUnkown's Battlegrounds or PUBG, you might also be getting hooked on it. The game may seem like any other 3rd person shooter, but it has more than meets the eye.


Dominated by proficient players, survival is the key as well as eliminating others. For making the gameplay even more sublime, many players use PUBG hacks.

A PUBG hack can work exceptionally if you are a newbie, but if you want to take another path here are some tips and tricks for making PUBG even easier. privatecheatz Is finally here!

When playing PUBG, you will need to keep some of the controls in mind, always:

Press ‘C’ to dive underwater when swimming and hold ‘Space’ to rise from the water.

Use ‘Shift’ to hold breath for a more steady and precision aiming.
Press ‘=’ to sprint automatically.

Sprint 6% faster when you holster your weapon by pressing ‘X’.

When moving/sprinting, hold ‘Alt’ to look around without changing your direction.

Change the firing modes by using the ‘B’ key.

Press ‘Ctrl+1’ to take the driving seat in a vehicle. To change seats, press ‘Ctrl+2/3/4/5/6’.

Use ‘7’, ‘8’, ‘9’, and ‘0’ to increase your health without opening your inventory and using a medkit or other healing items.

Lean left or right to avoid taking fire or looking around walls by pressing ‘Q’ and ‘E’ respectively.

Did you know you can make the game into a first-person shooter? Use ‘V’ to do that. If you are finding it difficult to remember all these buttons, there is always the option of PUBG hacks.

From seeing the name of every player on the map, to the enemies hiding behind an object, increase accuracy, reduce recoil, to instant kill with a single bullet, a PUBK hack can help immensely.

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  • Few basics to remember

    If you have begun to play the game, remember the following basics –

    Run barefoot in the pre-game as it can make you stealthier.

    Avoid jumping from more than one-storeyed building as it can decrease your health.

    Vehicles may make transportation fast, but their noise will attract massive attention.

    Open your inventory and right-click on the canister to refuel your vehicle while it's moving.

    An open door will mean someone has been in the room since the game beings with all doors closed.

    Sprint in a zig-zag way when taking fire from an unknown location in an open field.

    Compare the capacity of all the armors in the inventory before putting one on.

    Check the entirety of a building for enemies before looting it.

    CAUTION – Vehicles parked on the side of a hill will roll down and explode.

  • How to manage your inventory better?

    Follow these tricks for better inventory management:

    Discard all pistol ammo from your inventory after acquiring a rifle or other firearm.

    Stun and smoke grenades will take larger space compared to frag grenades.

    Bandages will take smaller space in inventory in comparison with first aid kits.

These were some of the tips and tricks that can help your PUBG gameplay easier. You can use PUBG hacks to survive till the end and become the champion.